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Multidisciplinary Artist Salon Series

The Multidisciplinary Artist Salon is an annual residency that brings together artists of color for one weekend each summer at the idyllic Green River Bridge Inn to exchange ideas across a variety of creative disciplines and share their work with the public. The event is co-curated by Jamie Mohr, the Executive Director of Epsilon Spires, and the Brattleboro-based artist and author Shanta Lee Gander. 

“For us, when we use the term ‘salon,’ it is a space for building off of the creative energy that blooms from new relationships when creatives come together from across different disciplines, experiences, and diversities.” -Shanta Lee Gander

“Our goal with the salon series is to create a dynamic meeting point for diverse artists from around New England to exchange ideas and inspiration across disciplines, and for those exchanges to grow into future collaborations. We are excited to present opportunities for creative exploration while encouraging the potential cross-pollination of epiphany." -Jamie Mohr

2022 Multidisciplinary Artist Salon: Transcendence


U-Meleni Mhlaba-Adebo

A Zimbabwean-American poet, performance artist, storyteller, and educator with an international reach and a transnational lens. Her debut poetry collection, Soul Psalms (She Writes Press), was published in April 2016.


Jasmin Agusto

An event organizer and creative director whose production company, Sageseeker, creates experiences that center BIPOC women and queer communities.

Shanta Lee

An artist who works in different mediums as a photographer and writer across genres. She is the author of GHETTOCLAUSTROPHOBIA: Dreamin of Mama While Trying to Speak Woman in Woke Tongues, winner of the 2021 Vermont Book Award and the 2020 Diode Press full-length book prize.


Holland Andrews

An American vocalist, composer, and performance artist whose work focuses on the abstraction of operatic and extended-technique voice to build soundscapes encompassing both catharsis and dissonance.


Nailah Hunter

A multi-instrumentalist and composer based in Los Angeles. Her music for harp, electronics and voice shimmers with spiritual radiance, full of magic, wonder, and healing energies.


Friday, July 29th: 


A Night of Performances Exploring Transcendence Through Music, Poetry & Image 

Multimedia readings and musical performances by Holland Andrews, Shanta Lee, Nialah Hunter, and U-Meleni Mhlaba-Adebo with thematically-inspired refreshments provided.

Saturday, July 30th:


Embodied Voice Workshop with Holland Andrews

An empowering workshop in the gardens of the The Green River Bridge Inn exploring meditation, vocal embodiment practice, performance, and collaboration led by Holland Andrews, whose experimental artistic practice spans composition, visual art, and performance using operatic and extended vocal techniques.


A Practice of Co-Creation: Curating with Jasmin Agosto Sageseeker

Jasmin Agusto's curation practice for Sageseeker Productions is about inviting artists, primarily Black womxn, womxn of color, queer and trans folx of color in Connecticut, to work with each other on new performance works that share their stories through experimentation, improvisation and multi-disciplinary expression. This free workshop led by Jasmin invited participants to share a bit about themselves and co-create a short performance or work of art with an unknown collaborator, exploring the value of raw creation above that of a finished, polished product.

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