Home of Cosmic Frisson

Epsilon Spires Inc. is a center of communication, illuminating the relationships between creative arts, natural sciences and sustainability using multimedia platforms.

As a Vermont-based 501c3 non-profit, Epsilon Spires builds connections between art and science by offering provocative performances and events, interactive art installations, and opportunities to engage in civil discourse by addressing current topics through the integration of diverse forms of expression, within the walls of a historic church. 

​The unique acoustics of the Sanctuary, housing an extraordinary Estey Organ, and our intimate salon-style venue, Social Engagement, showcase the range of possibilities. 


​Our name combines a reference to the iconic architectural structure of the building, and Epsilon, which when applied in physics can be understood as "pushing the envelope."


Epsilon Spires is 45 minutes from Northampton, 1 hour from Hartford, 2 hours from Boston, a 3.5 hour drive from NYC, 4 hours from Montreal and conveniently accessible to Amtrak.