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Becoming a member allows us to grow and sustain our

award-winning programming while also directly connecting with our incredible community.

All Members receive a monthly Newsletter that includes special Members-Only discount codes, pre-sale opportunities for upcoming events and invitations to free Members-Only gatherings and art experiences!

Becoming a member is an investment supporting the future of Epsilon Spires while earning fantastic perks including free tickets, music releases, limited-edition screenprints and more!

There are more fun surprises in store for our members that we will announce as the year progresses - like first access to purchase tickets to popular but limited seating events and new prints made in collaboration with First Proof Press. 

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Announcing Our Epsilon Spires Founding Members!


Legendary Champion of Culture:

Kate Gehring & Peter Steinberg 

Grand Patron of the Arts:

Matt Samolis

Brilliant Benefactor:

Jane Crawford

George Meyers

Jennifer Abeles

Tracie Brandt

Hannah Pittman

David Russell

Liz Nofziger

Scott Moore

Super Star:

Robert & Tere Clarkson

Susan Ensley

Sasha Statman-Weil & Carmela Pitetta

Mike Bullock

Rona Johnston

Danny Gromfin

Louise LeGouis

Stephanie Abrams

Jeanne Liotta

Patrick Branstetter

Madeline Fan

Ryan Collins

John Lightfoot

David Jones

Michael Chapman

Alex Goodfriend


Abi Lorditch

Kris Thompson

Maedhbh Mc Cullagh

Patricia Dorsey

Colleen Harris

Mike Young

Gail Nunziata

Hannah Frances

Michael Davidovits

Ivanna Bergese

Alice Berlow

Jo Dery

Todd Gardner

Luke Kostu

Alison Baitz

Aleda S Jonquil

Matt Hewes

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