Connecting the Past to the Future

The First Baptist Church has graced the west side of upper Main Street in Brattleboro for more than 150 years. The 1868 church was designed in the High Victorian Gothic style, with a central steeple and a three-story sanctuary. A major 1889 renovation in the Late Gothic Revival style added two dramatic front entry towers and a three-story section in the rear. In 1906 the monumental Estey pipe organ was installed, a gift of congregant Jacob Estey. At age 115 and counting, the organ is historically significant for the region. It has been continuously maintained and is regularly featured in performance. 


Ongoing plaster repair and preservation, coupled with the sensitive renovation of artist’s studios on upper levels, attest to the importance of historic preservation at Epsilon Spires.

While respecting its honorable past, Epsilon Spires will add a contemporary chapter to the life of this magnificent structure.




Local inventor Bob Johnson purchased the church in 2016 and enlisted Delta Vermont to oversee historic renovations and improvements.  Roof stabilization, air sealing and wall and attic insulation were accomplished. An air to water heat pump was installed to take the domestic hot water demand off the boiler. The result: fuel savings of 4500 gallons between the 2017 and 2019 heating seasons. Efficiency efforts will continue with heat pumps and radiant heat panels, further removing the energy demands from dependence upon fossil fuels.

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