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Connecting the Past to the Future



Local inventor Bob Johnson purchased the church in 2016 and enlisted Delta Vermont to oversee historic renovations and improvements. Chipper Sullivan, project manager, identified roof stabilization as the first order of business. “No simple job,” said Sullivan. “The project required a crane to lift a worker more than 40 feet to the main peak and even higher around the side towers to reach the affected areas.” After that, air sealing and wall and attic insulation was accomplished. “An air to water heat pump was installed to take the domestic hot water demand off the boiler. That, plus the enormous effort to insulate walls and attic and seal the building, resulted in immediate fuel savings: from 7900 gallons of oil used in 2017 to 3400 gallons used as of the end of the 2019 heating season,” Sullivan said.  According to Sullivan, efficiency efforts will continue with heat pumps and radiant heat panels, further removing the energy demands from dependence upon fossil fuels.


Our concern for environmental impact is as carefully considered as our effort to bring elevated programming to fight the good fight against the current wave of anti-intellectualism that threatens to make our world smaller and more alienated.