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What doesn't evaporate, sublimes

Our Sanctuary Gallery showcasing interactive sculptural installations that experiment with sound, light & sensory perception

Image by Ken Howell


Lauren Pakradooni:


Opening Friday, Nov. 1st.

When hunting for vans in a captcha test I am considering moments in which human perception is rewarded within the instances we fool ourselves to see something which is not there.  We look for repetition and pattern as a means to order the world, but it can also be a tool to shift our attention away from image as symbol or sign to instead draw conclusions about perception, perspective, scale, and surface. The marbled paper of the interior leaf of a book serves as a visually loud space that relaxes the mind in its imperfect repeating shapes and colors. This installation will take on scanning as a place of actively charged looking, in which searching for rhythm and repetition is interrupted by objects and images that do not behave in turn.


Victoria Keddie


Victoria Keddie: 

Electrona in Crystallo Fluenti

Opening & Performance Friday, Sept. 6th.

The low Earth orbit is populated with over 20,000 objects—a byproduct of man’s existence. This planetary midden traces a linear global narrative of technological advancements and failures from the 20th century to present day. Much of the debris comes from rocket stages, defunct satellites, and past object to object collisions. In orbit, we can find everything from solar panels, a lost bag of tools, to a sea of microscopic flakes of paint.

In orbit, the debris changes form and abandons previous relationships. The initial trajectory becomes uncertain through successive shifts and collisions. An entropic irreversibility emerges from this instability carrying potential for us to listen and see an ever expanding language of probability and discourse.