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A Documentary About Negativland
by Ryan Worsley

We are offering a free virtual screening of STAND BY FOR FAILURE available to watch here until Friday, May 31st in Celebration of the Live Performance by



Epsilon Spires, Saturday, June 1st, 8pm.

Everything people want is true even if it isn't.

In 1978 David "The Weatherman" Wills, Richard Lyons and Mark Hosler formed Negativland, which quickly became an absurd and noisy multimedia world without boundaries, ownership or privacy. Negativland's complex chaos of plunderphonics poses both serious and silly questions about the nature of sound, media, technology, control, propaganda, power and perception in the global village. 
Negativland continue to be pioneers of art in the electric age, and the medium reveals that any message is all in our heads.

STAND BY FOR FAILURE: A Documentary About Negativland
by Ryan Worsley (2022, 99 minutes)

“If you want to be inspired by individuals who dare to bust down the doors of art’s gatekeepers, then STAND BY FOR FAILURE is the way to go.”— FILM THREAT
“Few artists have logged as many hours on the battlefield of fair use, let alone questioned as persistently the associated legal constraints around intellectual property, as Negativland, whose sonic, visual and performance appropriations and parodies have challenged eyeballs, eardrums and moral standards alike since the late 1970s.”— THE WIRE
“40+ years of Negativland metamedia, recontextualized into popular feature length documentary entertainment format by Ryan Worsley. You’ve seen and heard it all! But you’ve never seen and heard it like this! ”— BOING BOING

Reserve your tickets to NEGATIVLAND & SUE C's special live performance at Epsilon Spires

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