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A Bright Light:

Karen Dalton and the Process

Directed by Emmanuelle Antille. 

Virtual Tickets are $5.99 for a 72 hours of viewing.


By taking a journey in the footsteps of Karen Dalton, one of the 1960s most iconic folk musicians, worshipped by her peers but still relatively obscure- this unconventional documentary investigates

the creative process, the frantic and mysterious paths where reality and dreams intersperse... 


A formidable folk musician with an otherworldly voice and unprecedented ear for a melody, Karen Dalton was not only Bob Dylan's "Favorite Singer" but was first and foremost a woman in charge of her own destiny, who lived her life on the margins of society.  Director Emmanuelle Antille applies images and excerpts from Dalton's private journal as fleeting traces of an uncertain past: she transforms and questions these artifacts in the hope of extrapolating greater truth. Experimental in form, A Bright Light doesn’t try to provide a chronological reconstruction of the life of this extraordinary artist, but rather attempts to channel and communicate her essence. 

A beautiful love note to a forgotten artist, a tragic story of wasted potential,

and an exploration into the primal urge to create."-Film Threat

Director’s Q&A Coming Soon! 

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